Portlandia Season 3 Episode 5 | Watch Portlandia Season 3 Episode 5 Online

Portlandia Season 3 Episode 5 | Watch Portlandia Season 3 Episode 5 Online

Catch Portlandia Season 3 Episode 5 or watch Portlandia Season 3 Episode 5 Online as by this point, we apperceive a bit about what to apprehend from a new division of "Portlandia": Stand-alone set pieces that acceleration or abatement by advantage of the abstraction and execution; active $.25 that may charge some time to accumulate traction; bedfellow stars whose contributions ambit from the alluringly abrupt to the low-profile, well-that-was-OK.

Season 3 of "Portlandia" kicked off Friday on IFC with two back-to-back episodes, "Take Aback MTV," and "Missionaries." Of the two, I adopted the additional one, which featured a clever, beautifully edited stand-alone account -- a banquet affair that starts with altercation of admired TV shows -- "Breaking Bad," "Game of Thrones," "Downton Abbey," "True Blood," etc. -- and devolves into a choir of "Spoiler alert!" and "No spoilers!" objections. The abstraction is absolutely relevant, as anybody who has approved to allocution about "The Wire" and agnate obsessively adored alternation knows. And the accretion was funny, as anybody went abysmal into Spoilerville: she's her sister and her daughter! Darth Vader is Luke's father! and so on."Portlandia" is aback with all the aberancy that one city-limits (and a scattering of comedians) can bring. Division 3 promises to acknowledgment to old characters -- affectionate admirers will absolutely see all of their admired versions of stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein -- as able-bodied as new sketches.

But what sorts of Northwest aberration and '90s homesickness can we apprehend specifically? Here are 5 things to apperceive about the "Portlandia" division 3 premiere.

1. While there are, as always, a array of sketches brindled throughout the half-hour show, the capital affair of the aboriginal adventure is a arrangement to yield aback MTV. And by "take back," Fred and Carrie beggarly a acknowledgment to videos and VJs and television not revolving about abundant teenagers.

2. To achieve this, our heroes admit the advice of some crumbling but accustomed MTV names -- Kurt Loder, Tabitha Soren and Matt Pinfield. You'll be blessed to apperceive that Loder can still be sardonic.

3. The division 3 premiere marks the admission of a new alternating absurdity from the Portland Milk Advisory Board. Would you alcohol zucchini milk?

4. You apperceive who can save MTV -- or any television, for that matter? A affluent Scandinavian being by the name of Fjohurs Lykkewe. After all, aggregate on TV is brought to you by Fjohurs Lykkewe. (Hint: Sound it out.)

5. Why accompany aback MTV? The acknowledgment is basically based on the growing-up adventures of the stars. "I grew up on MTV," Fred Armisen told reporters. "I was absorbed to it. I watched MTV all the time, and it was a huge allotment of my life." Carrie Brownstein (unsurprisingly, because her music background) agreed: "Certainly MTV was an important allotment of my childhood, and it helped affectionate of breeding and augment my attraction with music as a kid... I don't begrudge or accept any abrogating animosity appear MTV now. I anticipate it's affectionate of a altered time and a altered era, so it's fine."

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